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It’s one thing to find a horse, it’s another to lead the horse to water, and it’s another thing entirely to get that horse to drink. The same applies to finding local sex through local sex chat rooms and chat platforms.

A lot of guys make a big deal out of the search process on sites like . A lot of guys agonize over the hunt. Let me tell you, that’s the easy part. If you’re having a tough time with that part, then there’s something wrong with you. Seriously. That’s the easy part.

Finding the supply, reducing that supply into pussy that appears in front of you, that’s the easy part. You have to believe this because guys who are in worse shape than you, who have less money than you, or who are uglier than you, were able to figure this out. They get pussy all day, every day to show up.

The problem is, how do you pull it off? How do you cash it in? This is where a lot of guys fail because you have to understand, most guys look at sex the same way as four year old kids look at candy. They think it’s all about them. They cram all sorts of candy in their mouths and then they develop headaches or they get stomach aches and they cry. They get so greedy and they can’t stuff enough candy in their face, and then they pass out.

The same applies to guys. Once they learn how to attract pussy, they gorge themselves. And this is where things go wrong. You have to understand that if you want to succeed with sex with women you find at local sex chat rooms and local sex platforms, you have to be a giver.

That is the essence of being a good lover. It has nothing to do with your needs. It has nothing to do with what you want out of the situation. It has everything to do with your readiness, eagerness and willingness to give.

Because if you are a giver, you make the woman orgasm not just once, not just five times, but each and every time. You turn it into an experience that she craves. In fact, it’s so intense and gets her so hot just thinking about it that she can’t stop talking about it. That’s the kind of experience that you need to bring to the table. That’s the kind of experience that you need to deliver again and again and again.

And if you’re able to do that, you would not have to worry about finding pussy ever again because being a good lover and being able to bring it to chicks is a very rare talent, and you know what? Chicks talk. They basically would parade you around or they would circulate your number like you’re some sort of sex specialist because a few guys are able to do what you can do. So be that guy and you would not have to worry about failing at local sex chat platforms or looking for pussy ever again.

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